Definition of Skill: Skill- ability or expertise to do the task with determined results and carry out complex activity well, through an application of one’s knowledge, talent, and developed through systematic practice.

Skill-focused games follow the concept of the best player or competitor winning through excelling at particular challenge and have a long and rich history. From tournaments to boardgames, from fun-fairs to niche competitions- they have found and kept place in our entertainment and are centred around participants competing and winning based on their ability.

According to State Law (the ruling of the 2014 Beaver County court), Skills games are legal in Pennsylvania state, because they are predominately skill and not chance.

Based on the Judge-made (case) law, in the two recent forfeiture cases, the court concludes that skill games devices are NOT GAMBLING devices.

This is a precedent therefore applicable to all skill games in state of Pennsylvania.

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